You might be a RICEBOY if...

Your spoiler is higher than the roof of your car.
Your exhaust sounds like an elephant fart.
A tennisball will fit inside of your exhaust tip.
You think performance stickers will actually increase your cars horsepower.
You think that your 115 hp 4 banger is faster than a 300 hp V8 just because you added a Nuespeed sticker.
Your wheels stick out past your fenders.
Your car makes less than 155 hp, and has racing stripes.
You consider a K&N filter & a big exhaust tip to be major modifications.
You lie to your friends about winning a race (when you actually lost).
You think Honda's are the fastest cars around.
You can't see outta your back window because of all the stickers.
You rev your tiny engine every time you see a Mustang or Camaro.
You tell everyone that your car is fast, but you know its' really a slow P.O.S.
Your car has performance stickers, but does'nt actually have the parts that the stickers are advertising.
You bragg that your car makes 90 HP per liter (when its only a freakin 1.3 liter engine).
You will not race a V8 powered car unless the owner is willing disconnect 4 sparkplug wires.
You brag about not using nitrous when your car has another type of power adder (ie. turbo, supercharger).
You have a "Powered By *Anything*" sticker on your windshield.
You tell your friends that you smoked a big V8 powered car (but you don't mention the fact that it was a 18 wheeler).